Mission Statement:

Down To Box empowers individuals with Down syndrome by providing them tools to gain skills in coordination, self-defense and physical fitness through boxing techniques.

Vision Statement:

Down to Box provides customized curriculum to individuals with Down syndrome in order to help develop their fine and gross motor skills to advance their physical and mental health. Down to Box teaches participants techniques which increase their confidence levels while increasing their athletic ability. Our weekly boxing programs also serve as a social group for participants, to engage with their peers and develop friendships.

About Us & Our Founders

Down to Box was founded in 2018 by Lauren Camp and Jonathan Gainey after they saw a need for more programming for adults, specifically those with Down syndrome and other disabilities, that incorporated boxing techniques into an engaging group exercise atmosphere. Down to Box is dedicated to creating exercise training programs that will help teach boxing skills and enable a more active and healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Lauren Camp, Co-Founder and President

Lauren is the Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware and has been involved in the organization for many years, serving various roles such as volunteer, program manager and camp director. She has worked with individuals with Down syndrome for over 8 years and has dedicated her career to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lauren also serves as the National Down Syndrome Congress Kids’ Camp Director and Policy Team Associate. In addition, she serves on the Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action board. Lauren has her a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and an undergraduate degree in Disabilities Studies. She has three years of boxing experience.

Jonathan Gainey, Co-Founder and Vice-President

Jonathan is an experienced personal trainer and boxing instructor with more than 14 years of teaching experience. He is the owner of Knockout Boxing LLC in Newark, Delaware, and has worked with hundreds of clients of different ages and experience levels. Jonathan started the first Down to Box program at his gym and has been teaching a group of about thirty individuals every week for almost two years.

Honoring Ryan Callahan

Down to Box would like to honor Ryan Callahan, who was one of Lauren and Jonathan’s first students. Sadly he passed away on January 20, 2018. Ryan loved boxing and knew that every Tuesday he got to go to the gym. He would get his gloves ready and wait all day to go see his friends and workout. Ryan was a man of few words, but his big smile and laugh expressed his love of the program. One of our favorite memories of him was when he stood by the ropes of the ring and waved his hands and yelled instructions to Jonathan as he was boxing, serving as his coach! It was great how animated Ryan got in trying to help Jonathan win the match! He is truly missed in class every week.


Down to Box is a non-profit 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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